Tooth Whitening for Patients in Tampa, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, & Zephyrhills

tooth-whiteningTooth whitening is a wonderful way to get your smile back. Teeth are naturally much whiter when we’re younger, and even the most conscientious oral hygiene won’t help you avoid staining altogether. If you seek to have a bright smile once again, the doctors at Serenity Dental are here to help with in-office Zoom! Tooth Whitening and take-home Nite White ACP.

Reasons why tooth whitening might be necessary include:

  • Aging stains
  • Tobacco stains
  • Bacterial pigments
  • Coffee stains
  • Genetic stains
  • Tetracycline stains

In addition to visiting our dental office for regularly scheduled teeth cleanings and other family dentistry services, our dentists can take your smile to the next level with professional tooth whitening programs from some of the most respected whitening companies in the industry:

  • Zoom! Tooth Whitening System – safe, effective, fast, in-office whitening using proprietary Zoom! whitening gel combined with light emanating from the whitening Zoom! lamp. Perfect for busy individuals looking for immediate results.
  • Nite White ACP – at-home whitening system that contains amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), a chemical compound that is similar to the natural minerals that are the building blocks teeth. Strengthens teeth while dramatically improving shine in as little as three days.
  • KöR Whitening — a highly effective deep tooth whitening that is considered to be the most reliable and effective bleaching system ever developed. KöR Whitening significantly whitens yellowed, gray, and even difficult tetracycline-stained (dark) teeth that other whitening systems fail to whiten.

If you live in Land O’Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, Dade City, Odessa, San Antonio, Trinity, Lakeland, New Tampa, or anywhere else in the Tampa Bay area, whiter teeth are only a phone call away. Give us a call today!