Affordable Dental Crowns in Tampa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel & Zephyrhills

dental crownsDental crowns, or caps, cover a damaged or otherwise abnormal tooth in order to restore shape, strength, or aesthetic appearance. Crowns come in molded metal, such as gold, nickel, palladium, or chromium. They also come in other materials, including resin, glass, ceramic, porcelain, and more. Crowns also can be porcelain fused to metal, which involves using a dental implant as an anchor. Crowns often are designed to match the color of surrounding teeth to provide a more natural appearance.

In addition to affordability, one advantage of receiving dental crowns at Serenity Dental is convenience. Our two dental office locations – Land O’Lakes/Lutz and Wesley Chapel – place us within easy driving distance throughout Pasco County and northern Polk County. Once you’re here, you’ll be impressed by the serene atmosphere of our family dentistry. It’s a reflection of our desire to do everything possible to help every patient feel totally at ease.

Some reasons you might need a cosmetic dentist to fit you for a tooth crown include:

  • Protection for a weakened or cracked tooth
  • Restoration of a broken or severely worn tooth
  • Support and cover for a tooth with a large filling
  • Replacement of lost tooth structure after a root canal is performed
  • As an anchor for a dental bridge
  • Coverage for a misshapen or severely discolored tooth
  • Coverage for dental implants
  • An alternative to dentures

The doctors at Serenity Dental are proud to offer the finest ceramic crowns from IPS e.max, as well as porcelain crowns and crowns fashioned from many other materials. We also offer same day root canal treatment and placement of a temporary crown while you wait for your finest ceramic crown. To make an appointment with a restorative dentist to determine whether you may need one more affordable dental crowns, contact us today!