Iveri Whitening … Quick… Safe… Effective

Our Serenity Dental offices in Wesley Chapel and Lutz, Florida are pleased to offer a new in-office speed whitening system. The Iveri Whitening System is designed to whiten teeth 2 to 8 shades in 15 minutes and is most effective when combined with your teeth cleaning appointment. Whitening gel is provided in a dual-arch one-size-fits-all tray that is soft and flexible. This tray can be used later at home for whitening touch ups. This eliminates the need to take impressions and wait for fabrication of custom take home trays. The speed of whitening is accelerated by red and blue LED technology attached to the dual-arch tray. This LED light does not produce heat.

Our dentists, hygienists and patients appreciate the minimal preparation and chair time of this safe and efficient system. Gum tissue is protected by the tray, and patients reported that they were comfortable during their whitening procedure, with little to no tooth sensitivity.

Ask us about Iveri Whitening. It is quite affordable and easily performed after your dental cleaning. Contact us today to schedule in-office Iveri whitening!